Portugal was such a beautiful country to visit. I had the pleasure with staying with my mum’s friends (thanks Aunty Ana and Aunty Elsa) and they were so lovely to show me around and feed me real well. I will always crave Pasteis de Nata after travelling here and I’m sure you will too. 


Castelo Sao Jorge – A castle on top of hill, with seriously stunning views of the city. 

Tram 28 – Catch this old school tram through the streets. It goes past a ton of the major sites. The line to get on at the bottom of the hill was very long, and I ended up catching it on the way down instead. 

Lisbon Cathedral – enroute of tram 28, this cathedral is picturesque!  

Santa Justa Elevator – an old school lift with an amazing view from the top! Rather than lining up to go up the actual elevator, head to the building just behind the elevator and you’ll be able to skip the queue and head straight up to the top (granted you won’t actually be able to ride the elevator itself).   

Rua Augusta Arch and Placa de Comonia – a beautiful square! Lots of shops lined the way to get here, and it was definitely a lovely walk to get here. 

National Tile Museum – the city is known for its beautiful tiles (you can’t miss them as you explore the city). But head to this incredible museum to see it all! 

Elevador da Gloria – take this funicular up for a beautiful viewpoint! I unfortunately walked up the hill because it wasn’t working that day but I still loved all the murals along the way. 




I had an absolute blast at this market. As an avid Time Out reader myself, I loved the curated food stalls in this market. It’s such a great way to sample lots of different types of food in the one place. It did get very busy so grabbing a bite to eat at non-peak times would be my recommendation. 


Monastery San Jeronimos – an absolutely stunning monastery. Get a combined ticket to the neighbouring museum a skip the long queue to get in here.  

Pasteis de Belem – the must eat tart. The line is long here, but god damn is it worth the wait. I absolutely loved these treats. 

View of the 25 de Abril Bridge – from the waterfront, this bridge is stunning at sunset. 

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT for short) – is an incredible museum on the waterfront. The building itself is looks like a giant whale’s mouth and is absolutely spectacular. 

Monument of Discoveries and Torre de Belém – both beautiful to admire along the waterfront. It was especially lovely to watch the waves around Torre de Belém


This was such a cool area of Lisbon! Known for its incredible street art,I. absolutely loved wandering through the area and admiring all the cool shops and art installations. 


About an hour from Lisbon, Cascais is a lovely seaside town. I loved exploring the cliffs and seeing the sand dunes here. 


After a week of hostels in Spain, I crossed the border to Portugal and spent a few days in Villa Moura with Aunty Elsa and her family. I absolutely loved just being by the beach, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and eating lots of great fish! 


  • Good walking shoes are a must, especially in Lisbon. It isn’t called the City of Seven Hills for nothing. 
  • Get around and see beyond Lisbon. There were so many places I would’ve loved to visit, yet so little time! Guess it just means I’ll have to go back soon! 
  • Just like most European cities, you still need to be weary of pickpockets especially in busy areas. 
  • Eat all the Pasteis de Nata you can manage.