Ah, New Zealand. You are truly spectacular. My extended family and I spent two weeks on a cruise that started in Auckland, sailed across New Zealand, crossed the seas to Tasmania and finished (for me at least) in Melbourne. I had an absolutely blast on the cruise, sharing a cabin with my sister and cousin. 

Although I don’t think I’d be jumping up to go on a cruise again anytime soon, I’m so grateful I got to experience it! I loved landing in Auckland, and seeing the boat sail away. I loved waking up and seeing a new view out the window every morning.

And of course, I loved New Zealand. I remember falling in love with Wellington in just a few hours. I remember driving through Lord of The Rings country. I remember the beautiful birds on top of a cliff. Seeing nothing but spectacular views across every stop. I remember being in complete awe at Milford Sound. Those waterfalls were unlike anything else, and I can’t wait to go back to New Zealand to drive through it and hopefully hike through it!